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Best Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Blog in 2020

Most people are familiar with the big names in social networking, but there are actually many social networking sites that you can join too, directly and indirectly, promote your blog and drive traffic to it.

You will have to join social media networks to market your blog, which for some may be done directly, while with some networking sites, you’ll be able to encourage indirectly. to show traffic to your blog, you wish to access these networking sites and obtain your marketing game active. Some social media networking sites have an unlimited audience, with a broad spectrum. Some social media networking sites appeal only to a distinct segment audience. There are social media networking sites that interest to the audience of specific regions of the planet, too! 

Some social networking sites are popular across a broad global audience, but others appeal to smaller niche audiences or specific regions of the world.

1) Facebook

2) Twitter

3) LinkedIn

4) Instagram

5) Myspace

6) Reddit

7) Tumblr


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