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15 Top Websites to Find Freelancing Projects

Using a freelance website is great for those who are searching for additional ways to earn extra money, those who enjoy doing freelancing and enhances their talents and gain more development by profession.

A freelance business is a great business model that allows one to showcase their talent and for that, you get paid too. It needs a bit of time and passion. I define freelancing as:

“A business started by an individual that markets a service.”

This means that freelancers have a unique set of circumstances as they grow their businesses to ensure they stay on track to reach their goals. But getting paid via these websites needs a proper profile of yours. You’ll have to branch out, establish a great portfolio of past work, and maybe even prove yourself through tests that showcase your skills.

Here’s a list of 15 top websites to find freelancing projects and work as a freelancer for both short-term projects, hourly or per-project work.


Anything you can do on a computer can be done through Upwork.  Upwork is a cloud-based freelance platform known for having the largest pool of employers and job finders.  Fast-forward to today, that technology is the foundation of Upwork — the largest global freelancing website. With millions of jobs posted on Upwork annually, freelancers are earning money by providing companies with over 5,000 skills across more than 70 categories of work.


  • makes it fast, simple, and cost-effective
  • Find, hire, work with, and pay the best professionals anywhere, any time.
  • Perfect for the business of all sizes and freelancers with different skill levels, this application allows users to easily sift through available listings per their needs.
  • Have features that detect potentially fake employers or employees to protect the integrity of legitimate users.
  • Have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where, and how you work.

One can sign up with a proper profile as per their sign-up form and search for the job as per their requirements.

Upwork offers a search engine backed by reliable data science and algorithms to let businesses narrow down the long list of potential employees and allow freelancers to efficiently filter jobs that suit their skill level.


Guru makes it easy for quality and potential employers and freelancers to connect collaborate and get work done flexibly and securely. Guru is a freelance platform designed to connect employers with millions of skilled individuals around the world.

Guru makes it easy to create a profile that shows off your experience, making it easier to be contacted by potential employers, while also wading through the massive amounts of job postings made every day. They give a decent amount of free applications, rationed by the year, and charge about 9% commission. is:

  • Quick and fuss-free
  • It allows users to set tasks and communicate with their workers with a singular dashboard.
  • Allows you to automate the sending of your worker’s salary
  • Helps one choose jobs by location, category, or job type (hourly or fixed).

One can sign up with a proper profile as per their sign-up form and search for the job as per their requirements.

This site lets you easily showcase your past work experience and offers a daily job-matching feature to make sure you don’t miss out on any good opportunities. The Guru Work Room lets you easily manage all your work.


Fiverr is a freelance service marketplace designed with entrepreneurs in mind. It is a tool that helps employers find individuals brimming with talent to complete a wide variety of short-term projects. The name comes from the idea that the freelancers will start their prices at $5 per project. It sounds low, but you can set up tiers above the base $5 option, which adds up fast! It’s also a great way to get started and build up your portfolio.


  • allows sellers to enjoy benefits such as getting priority customer support, eligibility to be featured at promotional listings
  • Values the privacy of the sellers and employers utilizing their applications.
  • It helps one create the platform for the future of work.
  • It makes it easier to decide which sellers to hire and ensures the quality of work that the company is paying for.

Whether you’re scaling up your small business or building a brand from scratch, Fiverr has the resources you need to keep yourself informed and at the top of your game.

Joining Fiverr is free. You can easily sign up for Fiverr here.


Toptal was created by engineers; and is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, and project managers all over the world. Many top companies rely on Toptal for their most important projects. It connects the top 3% of freelance talent all over the world.

There is a screening process that needs to be completed and passed to gain access to great clients with substantive projects along with competitive compensation. It involves a thorough personality and language proficiency test, extensive technical knowledge test, stimulating test projects, and live screening exercises.


  • Makes it quick and easy for businesses and organizations
  • Secure freelancers for critical projects
  • Require full-time, part-time, or hourly work hours.
  • Have a rigorous screening process.
  • Ensures that the freelancers they recommend are highly adaptable to your company’s work environment and tools.
  • Capable of providing relocation of its freelancers.

In short, this platform is for seasoned, talented freelancers. Passing Toptal’s screening process gives you unparalleled access to meaningful projects with great clients (JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, etc.) and fair compensation (no low-bid contests). You’ll also be able to join the Toptal community for frequent meetups and tech events.


This is a very well-curated site for not only freelance jobs but also remote and otherwise flexible gigs. FlexJobs is the leading job search site specializing in the best remote, part-time, freelance and flexible jobs available. It is a job service that curates flexible, professional, and legitimate job opportunities and puts them into one easy place for you to find them (and also allows pre-screened, approved employers to find candidates who fit their hiring needs and then reach out to them directly). It can make your job search experience better, easier, faster, and safer.


  • Help people find professional, flexible jobs at all levels of their career, entry-level to executive, part-time to full-time
  • A career-oriented part-time job (on-site or remote).
  • Looking for flexible or alternative schedules.
  • Has the right job to fit your lifestyle.
  • Has become a leader in the flexible
  • People interested in working from home or remotely some, or all, of the time.

All of the telecommuting jobs are screened, so that freelancers can feel confident that they are applying for a position at a legitimate company. Freelancers can also participate in skill tests, read up on tips for job searching, and members can get special discounts through partnering websites.


Envato Studio’s most popular category is logos, which is a freelance marketplace. They’re also known for a very fast turn-around and an easy-to-use platform, both win-win for beginners! It is a community for designers, developers, and creators who are looking forward to the projects.

Created for designers, developers, and creative, Envato Studio is a platform where buyers can find and closely collaborate with experts on a job. From branding creation and animation to app development and website design, this site has a large pool of hand-picked freelancers ready to assist you with any project you have in mind. Offering one-time payment pricing plans as well as quote-based subscriptions, this site is a boon for both small companies looking for assistance on short-term projects as well as large firms that are constantly in need of extra help with their operations.

Envato Studios:

  • Easy for anyone to complete projects by connecting them with expert designers, developers, producers, and digital creatives.
  • Both the Buyer and Service Provider work amicably together and buyers are overjoyed with the work they receive.
  • It has a straightforward platform that lets you post projects, scan talents, and collaborate with service providers quickly and efficiently.
  • To simplify your search for talents, the platform allows users to compare portfolios, community recommendations, as well as prices.
  • It has built-in messaging tools that let clients provide real-time feedback on a particular project as well as job management features that streamline the project development process.


As the name might suggest, College Recruiter is for college students or recent graduates looking for freelance jobs of any type. In addition to being a source for part-time work, it can be a great way to jumpstart your career. These are going to be great beginner jobs that will get you experience and, hopefully, contacts for future work.

The main aim of this online platform was that every college and university student and recent graduate deserves a great part-time, seasonal, internship and entry-level job.

College Recruiter:

  • Enthusiastic, passionate, tenacious, and fun
  • Passionate about the customer experience
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Embrace teamwork and collaboration
  • Strive for continuous improvement

This platform is aimed at college kids that are looking for a way to earn more cash while they are in school. Students and recent graduates can find part-time gigs aimed at their industry of choice


This is a great platform, focusing on freelancing for web projects. If you’re a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, etc., PeoplePerHour is definitely worth checking out. Their community of expert freelancers gives you the power to find the right person for any project in minutes. This site is the most trusted site by thousands of small businesses globally.

PeoplePerHour connects your business to an international community of freelancers who want nothing more than to help your business succeed. It is a freelance service marketplace aimed at empowering professionals across the globe to take on work that they love doing.


  • It gives you a unique way to discover services to grow your business.
  • Offers different kinds of pricing plans depending on your preference. You can opt for monthly payments, one-time-payments, or quote-based payments.
  • Give you the freedom to test ideas cost-effectively.
  • Guarantee to provide an expert in their field to work with them.
  • Collaborate with ease and speed.
  • The dashboard lets users see all the information they need and get access to the necessary account management tools all in one interface.
  • To ensure that the service provider meets the job requirements of the business, PeoplePerHour offers an escrow protection feature.
  • By choosing PeoplePerHour, you can post your projects for free, and start receiving bids from sellers within minutes.


Engineer Babu is a platform mainly for IT professionals seeking employment and for entrepreneurs trying to bring their ideas to life or promote their service using creative outputs or handy technology. Finding the best vendor is free of charge, and the platform will handle the search and screening processes. Here, they offer an expansive suite of cutting-edge IT services to improve their business processes by seamlessly integrating new technology with their existing systems.

Engineer Babu:

  • Delivers the latest technology and builds powerful brands.
  • It is extremely user-friendly, and rich in graphics and visuals to provide customers with the best services.
  • Your idea is 100% protected by our non-disclosure.
  • It provides a diverse pool of experts from all over the world.
  • The platform offers multi-currency support for employers and freelancers who are based in different countries.


Crowded brings together freelance job postings and the independent worker looking for them all in one area, solving the problem of supply and demand for jobs. This is great for freelancers, as they can browse the largest listing of jobs all in one place, thus clients get positions filled quickly. Using a Crowded candidate warm-up bot, matched candidates are automatically contacted about relevant open positions. Recruiters can jump in and chat with interested candidates in real time.

You can use visual analytics to see who is there, statistics of skills, locations, interests, comparisons of hired to not-hired candidates, and much more. Crowded is integrated with the leading Applicant Tracking Systems. We handle all the connections needed in the background to seamlessly access job and candidate data, and display full analytics on your candidates. The setup is very simple, and integration is very fast, the pricing is straightforward.

Crowded is revolutionizing the talent sourcing industry through simple but amazing tools.


Writer Access is a forum where employers can search for expert writers, editors, proof-readers, content strategists, and translators specializing in over 64 different industries. It allows buyers to view talent profiles that showcase their work, experience, performance data, reviews, and more. Equipped with a Style Metrics Matcher, the platform lets businesses launch casting calls as well as hold writing style contests, so that they may properly gauge which professionals to hire for a project. To find out if this is the right application for your freelancing concerns, you may choose to try it risk-free for 30 days.

It is the fastest-growing resource to hire freelance writers, editors, content strategists, and translators with ease, and delight guaranteed.

Writer Access:

  • Starting at $39/- per month, writer access provides business owners with tons of content creation tools, including but not limited to easy order forms, keyword optimization and analytics, research tools, and access to Getty Images, Story Blocks Images, and Story Blocks Videos.
  • Entrepreneurs can order anything they need and have it completed according to their specifications with advanced tools.
  • Accessible to entrepreneurs and freelancers as well as website visitors, the resources at Writer Access include audio, visual, and audio-visual content related to marketing and creatives.


This platform is aimed at those who are good with words—editors, writers, publishers, and bloggers alike. Each day it is updated with new jobs that range from writing about topics like photography, healthcare, and even recipes to technical writing jobs. The array of projects is a great source for writers to try their hand at any type of writing. This source of writing jobs is excellent for freelancers all over the map, from the brand spanking new to very experienced. It’s easy to filter for the type of job you want and the experience you have. This site is a well-curated job board that’s updated Monday to Friday with the hottest new clients willing to pay you actual money to write things.

In short, whether you’re a writer, editor, blogger, publisher or any combination of those, Freelance Writing Gigs is a great option for freelancers who have a way with words.


With hundreds of project categories, Project4hire makes it easy to identify jobs that suit your skillset, without scanning through large volumes of posts. It’s great for coders, consultants, designers, and more. It is a freelance marketplace that connects hiring clients with freelance professionals such as web designers, programmers, graphic designers, SEO experts, IT specialists, translators, writers, virtual assistants, HR consultants, bookkeepers, paralegals, and other contractors.

This platform connects freelancers to clients all over the world. Freelancers apply to and quote jobs that have been posted by clients. Clients relay the project scope and requirements/skill set that is needed. Clients then select the client of their choice, and jobs can be anything from graphic design, programming, and even bookkeepers.

14] 99 DESIGNS

A platform for freelance designers, 99designs lets you compete in design contests and get feedback as clients choose the best ones. It’s a great way for talented designers to prove their talents. Clients publish a contest, and designers submit their work as their application. The client chooses the design they like best, and the designer gets paid. It can be an excellent way to build up your portfolio at the beginning, and if you’ll be doing work anyway, it can be a great resource.

This particular platform is made for freelance designers who compete in contests and then receive feedback as the client chooses the one that they like the best. It is a great way for designers to get their work seen and to build their portfolios. Hundreds of thousands of clients and freelancers have had successful contracts. The client is in charge of outlining everything about the project before any number of the millions of designers from all over the world chooses to take part in the content.


Although most people see Craigslist as just a platform for buying and selling miscellaneous things, it’s a great source of freelance jobs. You can easily browse local offerings if you prefer something in-office or you can search by major cities if you prefer working remotely.

You don’t get the security of a site that holds the client accountable, so it’s an excellent idea to set up a contract (or meet up in person, if possible), but most people posting are looking for work done as quickly as possible. Here’s a hack if you want to look through remote jobs: go to the corresponding Craigslist for major cities and search for remote work that way.

As said, browsing is easy, as you can look for work locally if you would prefer an office setting, or you can choose something out of your area if you would prefer to work remotely. Because anyone can post a listing, be mindful of researching the client as much as you can. Craigslist has a plethora of local freelance work, so safely meeting with the person face to face before the project starts is a good idea.

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