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3 new Google Discovery ads features

Here are three new features that have recently been introduced for Google Discovery ads:

Google has launched Video Discovery Ads, a type of Discovery ad that appears in the YouTube mobile app’s home feed and search results. These advertisements consist of a thumbnail image or video, a headline, and a description. Users can then watch the full video by clicking on the ad.

Audience Expansion: For Discovery campaigns, Google has also introduced Audience Expansion. This feature enables advertisers to reach a larger audience by targeting users with similar interests to their current audience. Advertisers can take advantage of this feature to broaden their reach while still targeting users who are likely to be interested in their products or services.

Performance Analysis: Google has added new performance analysis features for Discovery campaigns. Advertisers can now view data on their ad performance broken down by audience, placement, and asset. This allows advertisers to see which audiences and placements are performing best and make adjustments to their campaigns accordingly. They can also see which creative assets are performing best and use this information to create more effective ads.

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