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New features & announcements – About Google Ads

The latest marketing related news about Google Ads, Google Automated Extensions, Google Search Ads 360, Google Ads Introduces New Recommendations For Discovery Campaigns, Improved Performance Insights, Real-time Search Trends, Create Campaigns On Mobile, Demand Forecasts, Consumer Interest Insights, Audience Insights, Change History Insights & Auction Insights

Google Ads Makes Changes To Automated Extensions

Google announced new improvements on ad extensions to advertisers geared towards easier management. Updates are coming to sitelink, callout, and structured snippet extensions.

Google Search Ads 360 Updated

Google Ads rolled out a new design and features to its Search Ads 360 platform, allowing advertisers to maximize productivity and scale.
The new Search Ads 360 experience helps enterprise advertisers simplify campaign management and measure performance more effectively.
Google Search Ads 360 users are used to working in platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. That’s why Google refreshed its interface to closely resemble those tools.

Google Ads Introduces New Recommendations For Discovery Campaigns

Google Ads introduces a new set of recommendations for Discovery and Video campaigns. Here’s a breakdown of how the recommendations will affect your account’s Optimization Score.
In addition to the Discovery Optimization Score, updates to auto-applied recommendations and YouTube campaign optimizations were also introduced.

Google Ads App Updated With 3 New Features

  1. Improved Performance Insights
    If you make a change to your bid and budget strategy, for example, the app will explain how the change impacted performance.
  2. Real-time Search Trends
    Keep up with consumer demand with a new report on search trends, which is updated in real-time.
  3. Create Campaigns On Mobile
    Using the Google Ads mobile app, you can now create a search campaign while untethered from your desktop computer.

Google Ads Insights Page Updated With 4 New Features

• Demand Forecasts: Predicts six months of search trends with forward-looking insights that combining machine learning technology with past seasonal search data. Insights are personalized to your business.
• Consumer Interest Insights: Collects the top-performing search query themes that drive performance in your campaigns. Includes the number of people who searched for each theme, its growth, and how it performed in your account.
• Audience Insights: Learn the interests and affinities of your customers, such as what creative resonates the most with them.
• Change History Insights & Auction Insights: Find both change history insights and auction insights spread throughout the Insights page. Learn how shifts in auction competition or account changes impacted your campaign performance.

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