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Advanced Cash on Delivery Stop Working in Shopify

Cash on Delivery (COD) is a payment method often used in retail and e-commerce transactions in which the buyer pays for products or services upon delivery rather than in advance. In a COD transaction, the customer puts an order and chooses COD as a payment option. The goods are subsequently sent or delivered to the customer’s address, and the delivery person collects the payment when the items are handed over.

Cash on Delivery (COD), sometimes known as Pay on Delivery (POD), is a payment method in which you pay for items when they are delivered to you rather than paying in advance when you order them.

Pros of Cash on Delivery

  • Offer a safe shopping experience to your customers.
  • Get more customers and retain them as well.
  • Additional charges with COD will increase your profit margin.
  • Avoid online payment frauds as well as chargebacks.

Cons of Cash on Delivery

  • It may increase your processing fees.
  • Payment uncertainty or sometimes loss of payment.
  • Needs extra attention for order processing.

Using the Advanced Cash on Delivery app

The Advanced Cash on Delivery app is a valuable resource for Shopify merchants in India who want to offer cash on delivery as a payment option to their customers. This app improves the basic Cash-on-Delivery (COD) payment method found under Manual Payments in the Payments settings.

The Advanced Cash on Delivery app provides several features that allow you to customize and manage cash-on-delivery orders on your Shopify store. Here are some of the key features:

  • Add a custom thank you message for cash on delivery orders.
  • Create custom shipping rates for cash on delivery orders.
  • Include a cash-on-delivery availability checker to your store’s theme.
  • Set a price range for cash on delivery orders.
  • Specify eligible postal codes for cash on delivery.

Setting Advanced Cash on Delivery Eligibility by Postal Code –

Shopify in India realized that some postal codes belong to rural areas, while some are from urban areas. Hence, Shopify stores in India can offer COD on delivery to selected postal codes through this app. You can fill postal codes manually or you can upload them in a . CSV file in your Shopify admin. Here’s what you need to do –

  1. In the postal codes section, select the limit where COD is available.
  2. To upload a . CSV file with a list, click the upload a . CSV file link, or drag and drop the file into the services postal codes area.
  3. To enter postal codes manually, click on the manual entry link and enter the codes separated by commas or spaces.

Set up Advanced Cash on Delivery Eligibility by Price Range –

You can set a price range for cash on delivery with this app. If an order is not within the price range, and the customer has chosen COD as a payment option, then he/she will get an error message during the order completion process. Here’s what you need to do –

  1. Open Shopify’s advanced cash-on-delivery app.
  2. In the order subtotal section enter the minimum order price for cash on delivery payments in the minimum price field. You can set it up to 0 as well.

Releasit Cash On Delivery

Releasit Cash On Delivery allows you to fully customize the Cash on Delivery payment method on your store. Add a custom fee (fixed value or percentage) to all your COD orders so that you can cover your additional costs and incentivize prepaid orders. Hide or show COD at checkout based on any condition (order total, country, products, collections, customers, and more). Hide COD for fake/bad customers. Configure the app on your store in less than 5 minutes with our simple step-by-step tutorials!

  • Add a custom fee to Cash on Delivery (fixed value or percentage)
  • NEW: hide or show Cash on Delivery for any condition (order total, country, ..)
  • NEW: Hide cash on Delivery for specific products, collections and much more
  • Add an instructions message for COD (reduce RTO and customer confusion)
  • 24/7 support on WhatsApp, Telegram and email

Fee shown in various parts of the order process

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