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How to Check Our Competitor Ad Using Meta Ads Library (Guide)

Advertisers understand how severe online competition can be. When it comes to Facebook Ads, even the smallest difference can make a huge impact.

Sure, you may have the knowledge, plan, and keen intellect to create captivating commercials, but what happens when those ads plateau? What can you do to increase ROI?

Enter the Facebook Ads Library (also known as Meta Ads Library).

Most of the time, you can locate your competitor’s ad library by typing the name of their Facebook page into the search field. Check that the nation filter is set to the correct geographical location; otherwise, you may prevent the ad creative from displaying in the Facebook Ads Library. Instead of simply looking for the brand name, you should select your competitor’s brand name from the search bar. Otherwise, you’ll see adverts for brands with similar names rather than a single competition.

What is Facebook Ad Library?

Facebook Ad Library is a searchable digital archive of advertising now appearing on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other Meta platforms. The database also includes ads about causes, elections, and politics, regardless of whether they are currently active.

Facebook Ads Library API

Facebook also offers you an Application Programming Interface (API) under the Facebook Ads Library. Through this feature, you can now do custom keyword searches of the ads present in the library.

Are you good at programming? If yes, then this option is worth exploring.

Follow these steps to use API:

Step 1: Initially, you will have to head over to and give your identity confirmation. The same process is also followed for those willing to run ads on Facebook.

Step 2: In the next step, you must visit Facebook for Developers and create your account. You must agree to the Platform Policy mentioned on the site to proceed.

Step 3: After making your account, head to the Facebook API web page. Once there, select “Access the API” to start making queries. You can also create a new app.

Upon visiting the Facebook API webpage, you will come across technical details about how to use the API to get your work done.

4 more reasons and ways to use the Facebook Ad Library

  • Find new ideas
  • Find opportunities to stand in/out
  • Analyze your own ads and Competitor ads.
  • Agency prospecting

How to use the Facebook ad library to make your ads better and analyze our competitor ads.

Search for keywords related to your business

Filter ads by impressions

Filter ads by country

Report ads in violation of Facebook’s terms

See ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

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