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Meta Ads: Instagram ads to search results and Instagram launching ‘Reminder Ads’

Instagram is constantly testing and launching new features to improve its advertising capabilities. One of the latest developments is the integration of ads into search results. This means that when users search for a particular hashtag or keyword, they may see sponsored posts at the top of their search results.

Additionally, Instagram has launched a new ad format called “Reminder Ads.” This feature allows advertisers to create ads that prompt users to set a reminder for a particular event or product launch. When users tap on the ad, they can set a reminder for the specified date and time, and they will receive a push notification when the time arrives.

These features are part of Instagram’s efforts to improve its advertising offerings and provide more options for businesses to reach their target audiences. As always, Instagram will continue to monitor the performance of these new features and make adjustments as necessary.

These new tools will help the company’s ability to generate revenue at a time when ad sales are declining. Meta revealed last month that its ad revenue fell to $31.2 billion from $32.6 billion in the same quarter last year as part of its Q4 2022 earnings results. Meta CFO Susan Li stated at the time that the company’s Q4 revenue remained under pressure due to weak advertising demand. Li attributed this to the “uncertain and volatile macroeconomic landscape.”

After reporting its first-ever quarterly revenue decline in Q2 2022 due to declining ad sales, Meta increased its ad load on Instagram by introducing two new ad slots. Meta introduced a new ad format for Facebook Reels, as well as the ability for advertisers to run ads on the Explore home page and in profile feeds.

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